I quit my job.

I quit my job.

I have been interviewing for a role (since April) that I thought was going to be perfect for me. I made it to the final round. I was confident this role would make me happy.

I found out yesterday they are going into a different direction.

I feel lost.

I am 24 years old. I feel like I need to have everything figured out. Right?

I needed to see this video today.

This is day 1 after the rejection.

Here’s to day 2.


have to start somewhere

I used to write in a diary. One with a tiny lock and even tinier key that I hid taped in a dresser drawer. I always enjoyed jotting down my thoughts in a personal matter, whether it be about a boy I thought was cute in 5th grade (s/o to Andrew) or me venting about my annoying little brother to the only (inanimate object) that would listen.

Now, being 24 years young, I feel that I am not alone in my day-to-day struggles. I remember being in high school, thinking “Wow, people in their twenties really have their shit figured out!” I felt as though these people fresh out of college had their whole lives planned – everyone seemed so¬†adult-y, if you will.

No one writes a book on your twenties.

I wanted to create a place where I can freely write my experiences as a 24 year old San Diegan. I excited to discuss (aka vent) about jobs, friends, love, working out, traveling, netflix, and everything in between. Hopefully during my expedition I will be able to reach other twenty-somethings that might feel just as dazed & confused as myself.

Looking forward to embarking on this journey.